Musical Advent – Day 3 this is the part of musical advent where I rave about the brilliance of Sufjan Steven and once again profess my undying love for him. If you take issue with this then I suggest skipping this post and then resume your reading with tomorrow’s post.

As so many of you are probably aware, Sufjan Stevens has, over the years, developed quite a reprotoire of holiday music. Everything from traditional hymns, reimagined renditions of classic Christmas songs, and original pieces. This year he released “Silver & Gold” which is a 5 disc compilation (volumes 6-10) set that includes his previous holiday songs as well as some new releases for this year… the set comes out to a very impressive set of 58 songs total. Basically, Between Silver & Gold and the former box set “Songs For Christmas” (Volumes 1-5) with 48 songs, if the zombie apocalypse were to occur you could depend on a holiday playlist solely of Sufjan for your holiday cheer for the rest of your days.

I would like to draw your attention particularly to the tracks “Justice Delivers Its Death” and “Christmas In The Room” which are two of my favorites! Both of these happen to have a somber feel but I promise that the entire set is not like that! I love these for the melodies, instrumentation, and especially the lyrics!

“Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold,
Everyone Wishes for it…
Everyone’s wasting their time,
Storing up treasure in vain,
Trusting the pleasure it gives here on earth”

“No gifts to give, they’re all right here
Inside our hearts the glorious cheer
And in the house we see a light
That comes from what we know inside…
I’ll dance with you, I’ll laugh with you,
Until it’s Christmas in the room.”



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