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New Home for Predictably Me!


I’ve moved! Please visit: to see what’s new!


“Behind The Scenes” Update for Predictably Me!

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to give a quick update on what’s going on “behind the scenes” here at Predictably Me over the last few weeks! Lot’s of good stuff and I hope you’re all as excited as I am!

The intention I had when I started this blog was simply to have a more accessible and manageable way to share what music I love with all of my friends. Over the last three years it has not only continued apace but grown and, in certain aspects, evolved into something more. Many of you may not know but I currently hold a full time job Monday through Friday as well as being a full time student year round which leaves very little time for blogging reviews, interviews, etc. However, I will be graduating with my BA in Business Management in June and I’m already making plans for all of my free weekends and evenings! Along with a trip to Seattle and spending more time with my wonderful friends that have been neglected for the last 3 1/2 years I’ve decided to put Predictably Me at the top of my list!

March 2nd is the official THREE year anniversary of Predictably Me (which I’m pretty sure is 33 in blog years) and what would be better than making it even more of a reflection of my life, style, and interests? That’s why I’ve been working on a complete overhaul that will hopefully be completely launched by the 2nd… it’ll be like a 3rd birthday party up in here! I’ll be adding new content sections, better design, and easier navigation.

I’m still making the final decisions on content since I have to decide a) what I’m passionate about writing about b) what anyone actually wants to read c) what isn’t already being done better by someone else. Of course I’ll keep Music reviews/interviews but a few that I’m considering adding are: “Money/Personal Finance Tips“, “Food/Nutrition“, and maybe even a “Things Madison isn’t good at but wants to learn” section… still brainstorming on more flattering titles for that last one but I think you get the idea.

Anyway, with 255 posts and nearly three years of blogging under my belt I feel like I’m finally hitting my stride. So, as always, thank you for reading and be sure to leave feedback/suggestions!

Madison DuPree

Carrollhood – Violence. EP

For those of you who are heartbroken over the recent end of Underoath you’ll be happy to know that its members are far from done with music. The former lead guitarist and backing vocalist of Underoath, Timothy McTague, has joined Nathan Young of Anberlin, and Reed Murray formerly of Tallhart in a new musical project called Carrollhood.

Today they’ve released their second EP titled “Violence.” and I can’t recommend it enough. I’ve been listening to it all morning and I probably need to stop because it’s giving me an itch to go running and/or expel mass amounts of pent up energy that I didn’t even know I had. All in all, it’s a fantastic foreshadowing of music to come.

You can buy it on iTunes or “name your price” on their bandcamp HERE .

Tegan & Sara – Heartthrob

Dear Tegan & Sara,

I just wanted to write a quick note to say congratulations on your most recent work of art, it is truly a joy to my eardrums. I may or may not have had a private dance party in my room to “How Come You Don’t Want Me” on repeat where I mentally reviewed every heartbreak I’ve ever had then danced until they didn’t matter anymore. This is a healing balm to my soul that should be applied with dance or perhaps a car ride with the windows down. I could go on and on but I’ll leave it at simply saying thank you for taking this album to an even higher level of amazing.

Sincerest of sincerlies,
Madison DuPree

The Joy Formidable – Wolf’s Law

The Joy Formidable has always been one of those bands for me that walk that hard to find line between having energy/drive and hard-core-rock. Whirring from their debut album The Big Roar is one of my favorite songs even though the guitar jam sesh at the end can tend to get to people in a hang out environment… but if you’re working out or driving with the windows down you simply can’t go wrong with that song. But I digress… Wolf’s Law, their debut album is certainly worth your time to check out, and very likely worth your money to buy.

From the haunting strings in the intro of This Ladder Is Ours to the soft melodic strings that end the album I think that this is one of their most ‘formidable’ projects yet *pun intended*. I particularly like that bass player and backing vocalist Rhydian Dafydd has more of a vocal presence on many of these songs than he did on the previous album. This album feels far more “cinematic” than their previous album and I mean that in the best way. At the moment my favorite tracks are This Ladder Is Ours, Silent Treatment, Forest Serenade, and Wolf’s Law (which is actually just a hidden track at the end of the The Turnaround).

To be honest I didn’t even know they had another album due out today but it caught my eye on the “What’s New” section of Spotify (forgive me for resorting to that but I’ve been really out of the musical loop over the holidays). Little side family note: My cousins Weston’s wife Jessie is now over 3 weeks overdue with their first born Wolf so no doubt the title particularly caught my attention. His name will be Josiah Wolf technically but who on earth is going to go by Josiah whenever you have a middle name as awesome as Wolf? But enough about me and my family…

Anyway, I recommend for lovers Metric, The Sounds, Paramore, and grunge-pop in general.

“Let’s take this walk it’s overdue.
Let’s sit and talk and slow things down.
Just be our old selves again finally.”

Tin Sparrow – From The Sun EP

I have a playlist in Spotify with 278 tracks to “research” and when I actually get around to going through it I can no longer remember who told me about these artists or how I came across them. In fact, some of the artists in there I could swear that I’ve never heard of before… yet there they are waiting to grace my ears in a way that makes me wonder how I wasted so much time before paying attention to them.

One such artist is Tin Sparrow…

They’re from Sydney, Australia and only have two EP’s that have come out over the last few years but they’re certainly worth checking out! Both EP’s are good but I think I may prefer their 2011 release “From The Sun”.

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