Noteworthy videos… and notes that are hopefully worthy of them.

Not only is Greg Laswell an amazing musician and song writer he is pretty damn funny as well. If’ you’re on the market for a chuckle then I suggest checking out his youtube channel and follow him on twitter! “Do you have any bench pressing apparatuses? Or apparati I should say.”

Still Boy from Kashmir’s latest album ‘Trespassers’. Directed by Jakob Printzlau… I never thought that a five minute song could make me fall in love with both a homeless man and a robot-puppet-creature.

Ok ok ok… I’m a sucker for guys with banjo’s but aside from that this is still good stuff. I’m not as much of a fan of the second song but the first and third ones they play are great!

Gotta love a band that can write good tunes… gotta love them even more if they can pull it off live. I particularly love seeing the lead guitarist run over and work the lead singer’s foot pedals during the bridge. Well played boys…

My boi Sufjan playing Lakes Of Canada by the Innocence Mission… on a rooftop. Yeah, no big deal. Courtesy of the ever creative LaBlogotheque.

You wouldn’t think that any of Florence + The Machine’s music would work acoustic but I’m in love with this version. I also want to know where I can find a gorgeous punk harpist with a nose ring, I’ve been needing me one of those.

Dallas Green of City & Color and AlexIsOnFire does a live performance for MySpace. I always love a man who has emotions AND tattoos.

Another Courtesy of LaBlogotheque. Justin Vernon known as Bon Iver and his fellow band members perform a seemingly spontaneous a cappella version of For Emma in a Paris hallway before a show.


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