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Matthew Perryman Jones – Land Of The Living

Thank the Good Lord for good music… it makes a rainy Tuesday full of work, exercise, and school a little more bearable. 2013 is going remarkably well though… I hope the same is true for all of you!

The strings on O Theo make my heart happy and there isn’t a song on this album that I’m tempted to skip. I highly suggest you listen to it and then buy it immediately.

His voice is beautiful and sultry like Rufus Wainwright or something… I keep thinking that I need to come up with better descriptors but I’m afraid my day has turned my brain into a lazy ball of mush and I’m afraid that I wont come up with any descriptions that will do the album credit.


Best Albums of 2012

I can’t believe that 2012 has come and nearly gone already! It feels just like yesterday when I was sitting right here in my living room drafting my Best Of 2011 – They Went To Eleven post… but I suppose it was quite a few yesterdays ago! Anyway, here is my list for 2012 (in no particular order)… man, what a great year in music!

Good Old War – Come Back As Rain
Not only is this album one of the very best things to happen to my ears this year, their show was one of the best of the year as well. These guys just keep getting better and better and I can’t wait to see them play again!

Paper Route – The Peace Of Wild Things
I’ve waited for what felt like many years for this album to come out and it did not disappoint. And the cherry on top is that I actually got to see them perform live this year as well. They’re an incredibly talented band I hope their next album isn’t long in coming!

First Aid Kit – The Lion’s Roar
This Swedish sister duo have always impressed me but this album atoll them off of my “bands to watch” list and firmly secured them a spot on my iPod. Reminiscent of Jefferson Airplane and featuring some incredibly beautiful melodies and harmonies. Listen ASAP if your haven’t already.

Milo Greene – Self Titled
I’ll be honest in saying that I only discovered this band this week via a friend but I have no hesitations with including them here! They’re similar to Local Natives and Of Monsters And Men but I think they’re better!

Sucre – A Minor Bird
Yes, yes I know I may be biased but I truly believe this is one if the best albums of the year. Amazing vocals and instrumentation and an ethereal vibe I just couldn’t be more in love with this album! Plus, if iTunes thinks it’s good enough to use in all of their new iPod ads then it’s probably worth checking out!

Imagine Dragons – Night Visions
Yeah, I know they’re all over the radio and they’re on almost every movie preview this year… But given how much I listen to their album it would be hypocritical for me not to include them on this list.

MoZella – The Brian Holland Sessions
I’ve never been a huge fan of hers but this album with it’s old timey feel and fantastic production won me over. Check it out if you haven’t done so already!

The Shins – The Port Of Morrow
While I’ve listened to The Shins for many years, through their good times and their “we’re breaking up, oh wait just kidding” times I don’t know that I’ve ever put any of their albums on a best of the year list. They’re such a chill band that they often get forgotten about but with the new band member line up they apparently have struck some sort of perfect musical equilibrium because the album is fantastic through and through.

James Vincent McMorrow – Early In The Morning
Very Bon Iver but very very good… it takes talent to pull this style off and James Vincent certainly deserves some props.

Lincoln Durham – The Shovel vs. The Howling Bones
This album is like nothing else on this list… it’s gritty and raw and utterly amazing. He’s on my must see live in 2013 list for sure!

Notable EP’s

I don’t usually list EP’s in my top album lists but these two were so good that I had to include them!

Ben Howard – The Burgh Island EP
I admit that Ben Howard could fart into a microphone and I would most likely buy it and tell you to do the same… but believe me when I say that this EP is far better than recorded flatulents.

Andrew Belle – The Daylight EP
The same goes for Mr. Belle here… I would love just about anything he does. But regardless of that this EP is certainly worth your time and money.

Musical Advent – Christmas Day!!!


I don’t care who you are or what generation you’re apart of… You need to watch this movie or at least listen to the soundtrack. It’s beyond nostalgic for me and I think it should be for everyone. Macaulay Culkin and John Williams… what could be better?

Anyway, have a merry Christmas and a wonderful new year! I’ll be on vacation for the rest of the week and ill be working on my best of 2012 albums!!!

I hope your holidays have been as blessed as mine and thank you for reading for yet another year!






Musical Advent – Christmas Eve


New Kids On The Block have a Christmas album.

You are welcome.

Listen on Spotify HERE.

Musical Advent – Day 23


I dearly hope none of you are out in the commercial Christmas chaos this weekend. Amy gifts you haven’t gotten you probably don’t need to get… Sounds harsh to say but sometimes it’s the truth. If you don’t know what to get great Aunt Bobbie Annette then maybe it’s all for the best that you forgot in the first place.

Focus on spending time with family and creating memories that will make holiday traffic all worth it in years to come.

In the spirit of Christmas give a listen to Thank God For Christmas by Queen!

Listen on Spotify HERE.

Musical Advent – Day 22


Hello everyone! My week long break from both school and work is off to a great start! With my first day of freedom I’ve caught up with old friends, got a manicure, done laundry, cleaned my room (which hasn’t been done in over a month), and I’m now snugly ensconced in the guest room my sweet cousin Stacy is letting me occupy here in Tyler, Tx! Not a bad start at all.

Today’s musical advent feature is “Glory In The Highest” by Shane & Shane I listened to this album twice on my way here (yes, I’m one of those people that listens to songs over and over) because I had 4 blissful hours alone in the ca r and didn’t have to worry about DJing for others in the car… I got to follow my heart and it wanted ,e to stay with Shane & Shane for a good long while.

Listen on spotify HERE. Good night everyone!